So a month ago, I had the opportunity to visit Verona, this wonderful town of Italy and home of Romeo & Juliet’s love. It was all because of Falconeri, the “child” of Gruppo Calzedonia family known for its 100% cashmere pieces. Falconeri recently came also to Greece, with its first boutique having opened in Golden Hall.

This year’s show took place inside the Calzedonia SPA building, and its purpose, was to give its guests an insight of what the ethos of this brand is all about. Sewing machines, looms, moodboards with all the inspiration behind the collection, paper patterns, fabrics and of course the real people who work for this brand and give life to the collections, were all there to welcome us.

As for me, I wore my printed midi F/W ’18 dress and explored this brilliant world hidden behind this italian brand.

But first let’s say some words about Falconeri:

Falconeri is an Italian brand specialising in creating a range of versatile, timeless knitwear. The collections accentuate the quality of the yarns, combining tradition and creativity, simplicity and attention to detail, at an affordable price.

Minimalist, versatile designs, focusing on fashion details, combining aesthetics and quality in a single mandate imperative. Providing the ultimate in comfort for those who always want to feel totally at ease, whether for work or leisure. 

From the design sketches to weaving the fabrics – all stages of the manufacturing process including final meticulous quality control are carried out at our plant in Avio (Trento). This is where skilled experts transform fibres into versatile, timeless garments; unique items to wear regardless of seasonal trends. The affordable price in comparison with superior quality and sophisticated details plus continual technological research, are indicative of the finest Made in Italy artisan craftsmanship.

I had the chance to be introduced to the whole collection through the press event that took place before the show. The setting, the lighting, the installations and of course the pieces, enabled me to meet Falconeri’s family and undeniably love it.

(Look at this amazing 100% Cashmere, animal print coat! You need to try it on to feel what I felt!)

Did I mention that in the presentation were the REAL dressmakers? Yes, I think I did! What I haven’t mentioned is that these women took also part in the show.

FYI: Giulia Sartini and Pierangelo Fenzi keep the creative team behind the womenswear and menswear collections, respectively. As for the unique design team, this is made up of young talents under 30 years old.

Falconeri’s collection for F/W ’18 is a mix of basic, sophisticated, quality pieces, which can be worn anytime of the day. In this collection, layering plays a vital role. The garments’ movement is pure magic. Also, while I’ve been observing these pieces “walking” live in front of me, I couldn’t help but notice those small elements that made them so unique.

Simplicity is fabulous, and Falconeri proved that in the best of ways!

After the show, I got the chance to have some “Verona” time for myself, walk around the amazing streets and appreciate this italian, romantic atmosphere that prevails around the town.

Btw, my 100% cashmere sweater and scarf is by Falconeri F/W ’18 and you will find them in every Falconeri store!

Thank you Calzedonia team for having me. Till next time!

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