They say that summer is a state of mind. True.

Think about all those times you added a bit of colour to your closet just because it was summer. Or the times you wore your orange lipstick, as it looked perfect with your tanned skin. (I did that with my Dolce & Gabbana Delicious 415 lipstick!)

Or all those times you decided to add some ethnic, folklore references to your look, because you know, when you’re travelling around the islands, those boho/ ethnic/ gypsy notes make everything a little more spicy.

Like this top from my favourite duo, Deux Hommes. It’s references are clear: Mexico. It’s mood is also very specific: summery! I feel like there’s nothing else I want to wear during August, except from this top. Imagine it with a pair of denim shorts and a pair of heeled espadrilles, on an island like Syros or Hydra for instance. Perfecto!

Mood: Dionne Warwick // Walk On By

Top & Skirt Deux Hommes. Sunnies Deep Shallow Exposition. Shoes Bozikis.

Photographer: Yannis Fragos

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