Well, I’ve got two good beauty news, that are impossible to keep them for myself.

First of all, it’s about the online, beauty version of Attica Department Stores, www.atticabeauty.gr.

There you will be able to find available online, all those amazing beauty brands, which are hosted in Attica Department Stores. From Tom Ford, to Laura Mercier and Diptyque, atticabeauty.gr, offers a plethora of beauty products, that you can purchase online from all around the world. The best part though – except from the sales, that many of the products are on-, is the samples that you get on the checkout. You can choose your samples according to your needs and of course your curiosity!

The second one, is the all day, eye refresh gel cream by Darphin. Instantly eyes are fresh and sparkling, full of life. This invigorating featherweight gel-cream helps hydrate, depuff and diminish signs of fatigue. With a reviving frozen water algae, Salicornia Herbacea, and Butterfly Lavender, the eye area is infused with refreshing hydration.If you don’t sleep always well and tight as me, and if you happen to sometimes feel your eyes tired and reddish, then this is the one you need! (Also available in Atticabeauty.gr!)

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