With summer being here with us, I finally have the opportunity to present a brand that is deeply in my heart. Hei Poa, is the Tahitian beauty heaven that is enclosed in those beautiful bottles and smells like paradise!

So, the new arrival is called “Hei Poa Pure Tahiti Monoi Oil Moringa” and is a limited edition beauty oil. It is actually one of the secrets of the Tahitian “goddesses”, while its bottle reminds me how the perfect tropical prints should be. As for the smell of it, Monoi Oil Moringa is probably going to take you to Polynesia. You will be able to smell tropical rain, I swear.

The second arrival, which I tried on and I got really impressed, this would be the Nutritive Sap, for sure. Hei Poa Happy Monoi Oil is an intensive nutrition cream with a unique texture that turns into oil. It is rich with Mono PDO, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin intensely and it smells delightfully. Attention: It’s not edible!

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