There is no better time to get in the car and go for a roadtrip, than summertime! If you want to feel like a carefree teenager, if you want to forget about your worries and just enjoy the moment and the sun, if you want to celebrate your youth and become the female version of Jack Kerouac then grab your friend/ lover/sister, get in the car and go for a trip. The destination doesn’t really matter, as the only thing you will need is basically a good playlist, a map and a lot of petrol.

You should also bring a camera with you, just because you will want to remember this forever. Won’t you?

Below you will find 10 ultimate hacks that will make your road trip awesomer!

  • Make a plan, but not a rigid one.
  • Don’t research your stops beforehand.
  • Carry cash for tolls.
  • Announce your whereabouts.
  • Make up your own road games.
  • Ask a local where to eat.
  • Bring a spare car key.
  • Practice making new friends.
  • Limit phone calls to the outside world.
  • Take pictures!

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