Do you want to know a truth?

Well, I don’t generally talk about my hair in that detail, but there is something I would like to share with you guys. Since I was a little girl, I remember my self not being able to tolerate my curly hair. It was always so curly and frizzy and untamed. The blow dryer and the straightener were always my two best friends. All this situation came to an end since I discovered this magical keratin therapy from Brazil. I’ve generally tried a lot of different types of brazilian keratin therapies. Not all of them were successful as quality and technique vary. However, I recently discovered the Keraspa Brazilian Therapy which is applied at the 101 Hair Science hair salon, and I must admit this is one of the best and most effective hair smoothing treatments I’ve ever tried (and believe me I have a lot of experience!).

Me and my curly hair

So, I decided to share my brazilian keratin experience and spread the word about how easy it can be to get that dreamy, sleek look when you are an afro girl like me. What it basically takes you is 3 hours from your life.

The steps are many but each one of them plays a vital role in the progress of this therapy.

So, Step 1. Hair Wash

Hair is washed in order for the hair surface to be prepared. In this way, the hair scales open and are able to receive and keep within the keratin treatment.

Step 2. Keratin application.


The keratin solution is applied into hair section-by-section, with the help of an applicator brush and a comb to pull solution through the hair.

Step 3. Blow Dry

Hair is blow-dried as straight and smooth as possible.

Step 4. Flat Iron

In order for the product to be sealed into the hair, it is vital to use a flat iron. The tool is used in extremely thin sections of hair, from root to end, in the same tension or pressure all the way down the hair shaft, easing off the tension through the ends.

Step 5. Final Step!


After the solution is rinsed with warm water, then the final step is the light blow out which also shows the final result. In this final step, there is no need of brush or any pressure. The extremely high heating temperatures are also unnecessary.

And ta daaaa: Straight Hair Don’t Care! Thanks to the wonderful services of 101 Hair Science and their KeraSpa Brazilian Blowout, I finally got the straight hair I was dreaming of for my summer vacation. According to the hair expert Michalis Lazarou, who also owns the hair salon, this amazing treatment can be applied to all types of hair. As for the duration, it generally lasts for 4 months.

This is probably the best keratin treatment I’ve ever tried. If you also want your hair to be straight, sleek and glossy, then you should definitely try this. (And if you say my name then you will also get a 20% off!)

Thank you Michalis Lazarou & 101 Hair Science for giving me the perfect sleek hair look I always wanted!




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