Ok, spring is gone and I’m officially prepared for what comes next. However, before I say goodbye to the blooming season, I take a moment to appreciate my three quarter pants and my structured black top.

 In Greece, when summer makes its appearance, we tend to wear as less as and as short as possible. We also avoid wearing black clothes as this colour absorbs even more heat from the -burning- sun.

So today, I decided to make an ode to a spring outfit, which I love but I may not be able to wear under 40°C. The deux pieces is designed by my favourite duo Deux Hommes, and its architectural influences are more than visible. That’s what I love about Deux Hommes, they always add an extra -even tiny- element which makes the whole difference.

So, with this outfit I say goodbye to spring, and I’m welcoming my favourite season of all four.

Hello Summer!

Mood: Röyksopp feat. Robyn – Monument (The Inevitable End Version)

Top and trousers Deux Hommes. Shoes H&M. Clutch Bag Myrianth.

Photos: Yannis Fragos

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